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CA Elevator is a company comprises professional designer, researcher, manufacturer, installer and maintenance of elevator, escalator, passenger conveyor and car parking system. The series products have advantages of strong structure, operation reliable, high efficiency, control precision, operation smoothly, high comfortable and so on. 

Your Trusted Solutions and Service Provider

CA’s Lift & Escalator division is an innovative and cutting edge business unit which had been growing in terms of operations and quantity of lifts maintained at a steady pace. The business unit is headed by a Senior engineer with more than 2 decades of in depth industry experience in matters of new lift installation, total lift replacement, modernization, upgrading, fault finding and simple troubleshooting. With his leadership, the engineering department within the business unit had grown in terms of manpower, knowledge and spirit! Our focus and emphasis does not stop there! Safety at work is of utmost importance! We make it our mission to always end work safely and go home safely. With that in mind, our Lift Rescue Team (LRT) will attend to any man trap call within 20 to 30 mins or as soon as possible. Last but not least, with all factors combined, our service team will endeavour to ensure that our client will enjoy low down time for their lift & escalator.

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Why Choose Us

When corporations and government agencies need innovative, dependable security solutions that are both robust and budget-friendly, they turn to CA M&E

One-Stop Solutions Specialist

With a wide-range of innovative solutions, you can save the hassle of working with multiple contractors – we’ll handle everything from pitching and surveying, to implementation and maintenance.

Quick Response

With our Lift Rescue Team (LRT) they will attend to any man trap call within 20 to 30 mins or as soon as possible.

Optimise Manpower and Costs

Our innovative solutions will do more than meet your needs – these solutions will also help you to reduce manpower and costs.

Within Budget

Robust solutions doesn’t always come with a premium price tag. Tell us your budget, and we’ll optimise a solution(s) plan that will meet both your needs, and budget.

Customisable Solutions

Our wide range of solutions can be purchased “as is”, or customised to meet your unique requirements.

Professional Service

You can count on us to deliver excellent and professional service, with dedicated after-sales care.

Our clients

CA M&E is a brand that is recognised throughout Singapore, as a preferred solutions specialist.

Our cutting-edge solutions, professional service and reasonable prices have made us the solutions partner of choice for these reputable agencies

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